Propose added-value solutions that represent a lasting investment over time.

Softaris IT offers full web services based on customers needs and requirements.

Corporate websites and eCommerce solutions are entirely developed by the internal staff, in charge of the whole process from graphic design to programming, from web usability to SEO optimization.

Responsive web design techniques are applied in creating websites in order to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.

Device-tailored layouts make our websites fit for all browsers, desktop, notebook and mobile devices.




Promoting a company or a service through the web

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns:
- campaign set-up and launch
- setting of targets, objectives, metrics and conversions
- ads setting and management (keywords, headline, ad copy)

Setting up and managing GoogleDisplay Ads (banner and rich media)

Designing and creating landing pages

SEO – Search Engine Optimization for better search positioning

Video ADV campaigns on Youtube




Engaging your audience thanks to innovative tools

Web reputation monitoring

Efficient planning of communication on various social networks through editorial calendars

Setting up and customising social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Foursquare, etc

Defining metrics for the effective analysis of results

Measuring results

Defining actions to improve campaigns




Accept and live the change. Our multimedia projects: Interactivity, Technology, Creativity.

Exploiting the potential of new media to generate an effective communication that is, at the same time, persuasive and contemporary.

Guidelines are defined in terms of communication and technology, in accordance with business strategies.

Different types of solutions, in line with objectives and requirements. Digital tools to show and promote your offer, your services, your business. Increasing needs to display each constituting element of a company call for new strategies and solutions to generate multimedia experiences.



iPad, iPhone, Android APPS

New communication paths, new devices, new technologies: we develop new tools

Softaris IT develops user-friendly advanced applications for the main operating systems.

Advanced applications featuring interactive product catalogues using resources like file sharing, social network interaction, realtime 3D rendering, augmented reality, GPS tracking technologies and web database interaction.

Different types of apps such as product showcases, interactive corporate presentations, kid stories and games, virtual tours in 3D photorealistic environments, services for smart mobility and smart living, integrated solutions for citizens and companies.




Videos: effective communication tools. The whole process from the storyboard to postproduction to convey any element of a company

From the strategic planning to the making of the video. From production to post-production.

Videos come in different types: video reports, product or social commercials, corporate videos. In producing them, traditional technologies may interact with motion graphics and virtual animation.

Depending on the kind of video, various activities are involved in its creation: we are able to manage each stage of the process internally due to the varied skills of our professional figures.




Spread a new image culture matching ideas and technology

Virtual reality allows to show computer-generated imagery (CGI) in Realistic environments and can be used in the creation of entire catalogues, advertisements, videos and more corporate materials, and photorealistic rendering of architectural models.

Benefits of virtual reality over traditional photography include: the opportunity to work on dissemination materials before the product is actually produced, and the possibility to build totally new environments and solutions that would not be sustainable otherwise.




Implementing your communication

Visual communication services apply to catalogues, brochures, websites, advertisement posters and banners, letterheads, business cards, CD frames, packaging and more corporate stationery as well as wallpapers and communication materials for events.

Softaris IT can handle graphic design on both single products and on the analysis and creation of corporate identity as a whole, starting by the concept of a new design.




Technology is the key driver for effective international promotion

International projects allowed to deal with advanced challenges integrating single services in a unique package: combining a 3D map with GPS integration for routing with app and website development for the promotion of tourist sites involved various professional profiles and advanced expertise.

The result is a very effective tool for the international promotion of a place of historic importance in the city of Doha, Qatar, that is the Souq Waqif. The app and website allow visitors to make the most of their visit by viewing significant details and navigating through the site even in real time.




Visually attractive real-time, contextualised 3D copies of reality

Computer-generated input can “augment” reality so that a copy view of a physical object or place can be shown to users on new generation mobile devices, for interaction/engagement purposes. It is a real-time, contextualised feature that grants viewers a full experience thus expanding marketing efforts to produce better results. Augmented reality combines technology, graphics and content showing information on an overlay level that can be made available even for offline consultation on mobile apps.

Softaris can manage AR reconstruction starting from 3D modeling to the development of mobile applications and integration with various devices.




Reach your customers where they are and motivate them to interact

As users show new navigation behavior and prove more and more oriented to mobile devices, reaching them on their mobile phones gets fundamental for communication purposes. Proximity marketing allows on-site advertising and the transmission of targeted messages to customers in a localized indoor area where GPS does not work but other radiolocation methods can be used instead.

Indoor navigation can guide users within a location, show them points of interest and messages via smartphone or tablet and a Bluetooth connection.
Consumers can therefore be engaged in the right place at the right time, and what they’ll get is exactly what they are searching for: tailored, easy-to-find information.
Advanced functionalities help to attract the user with perfectly contextualised messages.